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Stress is relative to you, to all of us as a whole. Stress is contagious; flowing from one to another causing dis-ease within our own selves, which in turn reflects outwardly creating ripples of dis-ease in the universe that we share.
The known cure to stop this contagion?


Our studio provides Guided Breath Work, Life Coaching and Holistic Nutrition as support to your Meditation Practice...
Group or private sessions...
Appointments may be scheduled by contacting the studio via email, or phone at this time;
tracy@redefiningyogaandpilates.com or 207.319.0102

Breath Work, Meditation, Stress Management via Life Coaching: Tracy Parritt~Noyes, RYTC MBS Certified Life Coach
On-Line scheduling available for appointments with Tracy!
Nutrition: Chelsea Fyrberg, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Insight to Services Director: Stephanie M. Noyes, BA Psychology, University of Southern Maine