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Dharma Yoga

As a disciple of Dharma Ali brings us his Gentle sequence to restore and renew, and his Dharma I for those beginning their yoga journey.

The emphasis is on learning the Level I Posture series, where you are led and helped according to needs and ability. You will also learn the important breathing exercises, which are key in restoring vitality and a balanced functioning of the inner workings of the body and mind. All sessions end with a guided deep relaxation to re-balance and restore.

"When asked to consider the essential elements of yoga practice, I always retun to Yama (the Ethical Rules) and Niyama (the Yogic Observances) - the first and second steps of traditional yoga according to Mararishi Patanjali. All of practice has its foundation in the first Yama; Ahimsa. While Ahimsa is often translated as non-violence, I prefer to think of it as compassion. If we keep Ahimsa in word, thought and deed, this is yoga. Often people confuse putting legs behind their head or all these other fancy poses with yoga, but without Yama, all these poses are just exercises and stretches. True, these exercises will make the body strong, flexible, and healthy and some purification will occur if they are practiced with faith, but if we are still involved with violence on any level, then Asana is just physical exercise truly devoid of meaning or purpose" ~ Dharma Mittra

Ali Romano LOAY Dharma Yoga, RYT
Friday's 6:30PM ~ Dharma I!

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